Two university student members are made Fellowcraft Freemasons by the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge

Two of our university student members, who were Initiated at our meeting in December 2014 via the Universities’ Scheme, were Passed to the Second Degree by the Derek Buswell Lodge of Provincial Grand Stewards No.9705 at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester on 24th February 2015.

Bros JC Diegel and Nat Rawes were made Fellowcrafts in a wonderful double ceremony where they were both excellent Candidates. The work in the Lodge Room was exemplary with a sublime rendition of the Second Degree Tracing Board by WBro J McVey.

The Wyggeston Lodge were represented by the Master and other Brethren who expressed their gratitude in assisting the Lodge in Passing the Candidates ensuring their timely progression in freemasonry before graduating from Leicester University.

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