Wyggeston Lodge installs its’ 110th Master

After nearly two years of not being able to meet, the brethren of the Wyggeston Lodge were delighted to install W Bro Dr Christopher Kent last evening as its 110th Master.

Dr Christopher Kent and his wardens, Peter Clarke and Dr Simon Walmsley.

Dr Christopher Kent joined the lodge through the United Grand Lodge of England Universities Schemes and Provincial Website as an alumnus of the University of Leicester back in 2013. He has quickly risen through the ranks and offices of the lodge and now finds himself sitting in the chair of King Solomon, for what we all know will be a wonderful year.

Dr Christopher Kent was also happy to invest Peter Clarke as his Senior Warden, and Dr Simon Walmsley as his Junior Warden. Other members of the lodge were also invested as officers for the incoming year, all of whom were ready and willing to for the year ahead.

The Wyggeston Lodge was also honoured to play host to The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Brian Carruthers, who presented the warrant of the lodge to the newly installed master.

The festive board was, as always, a glorious occasion with excellent food, and wine many guests from visiting lodges; and as always a bottle of port and a wonderful performance of the Master’s Song by Peter Clarke.

After so long apart it feels great for the brethren of the lodgee to meet again, and we hope that the new year will be a happy one.

Peter Clarke performing the Masters Song

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