Student Freemason, Andrew, explains why he joined The Wyggeston Lodge

Andrew Slater explains why he joined the Freemasons whilst studying at the University of Leicester.

Andrew Slater
Andrew Slater

‘Having never been previously associated with Freemasonry, I entered the Fraternity with an open mind and have since come to appreciate its vast and rich history. What initially attracted me was the joint respect towards fellowship, morality, charity and self-development. In this respect I have not been let down.

Despite being a new member, I feel Freemasonry has already made me a better person and has altered my outlook and my way of going about my life. Along with the life lessons, through attending many varied lodge meetings, I have met many people, including some endearing characters, from all areas of society I would not have normally met.

As a university lodge, it has been quite reassuring seeing a few familiar faces around campus and it’s a great way to meet other students, learn new things and view points from those in different academic disciplines.

Freemasonry has a system of caring for others and I have already been very happy to see the charitable operations it undertakes and its fast response in helping people in need.

I thoroughly look forward to many more years of Freemasonry and to what the future will hold in being a Freemason.’

Andrew, an undergraduate student, joined The Wyggeston Lodge in December 2012 after learning about the Lodge at the University’s Fresh Fair.

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