Freemasonry Today interviews Lodge university students

On Friday 20th September 2013, a journalist and photographer from Freemasonry Today, the Official journal of the United Grand Lodge of England, visited Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester to meet and interview some of our student members that have joined via the Universities Scheme.

IMG_2105Since joining the Universities Scheme in April 2011 as the designated Lodge for University of Leicester students we have welcomed over 12 students as new members. Many of our students are undergraduates from a wide range of academic disciplines including Law, Medicine, Economics, Medical Biochemistry and History.

A total of five of our student members talked openly about their membership, what attracted them to join the fraternity, how they came to join and why they continue enjoy being Freemasons whilst studying at University.

Students Alex Pohl (aged 22), Jeff Zhu (23), Andrew Slater (20), Peter Clarke (20) and Peter Shandley (22) also discussed why Freemasonry is as relevant as today as when the United Grand Lodge of England was formed nearly 300 years ago.

The article is due to be published in the next issue of Freemasonry Today.

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