Temperantia Lodge assists in Passing one of our University student members.

Bro John Phillips with the Master of Temperantia Lodge and members of The Wyggeston Lodge (with thanks to S. Wells for the photo)

Congratulations to Bro John Phillips who was Passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft by Temperantia Lodge No.4088 in the Holmes’ Lodge Room, Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester on Tuesday 18th March 2014. Bro Phillips, an archaeology student at the University of Leicester, joined the Lodge via the Universities’ Scheme in December 2013.

A number of Brethren from The Wyggeston Lodge attended the Ceremony to support Bro Phillips. The Passing ceremony was conducted by Past Masters of Temperantia Lodge in an exemplary manner and the Festive Board was an enjoyable conclusion to a wonderful evening.

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