A look back at the Wyggeston Lodge meeting which was held in November 1914

Wyggeston Lodge Summons for November 1914The 40th meeting of the Wyggeston Lodge was held in the Holmes’ Lodge Room on Friday 20th November 1914.

The Lodge was Opened at 7pm by a Founder, WBro John S. Flint who was in the Master’s Chair in that year.

The were a total of 33 members and 12 visitors present.

As the Installation was held at the Oct 1914 the main work of the meeting was to Pass Bro Thomas Beedle who was Initiated at the previous September meeting. Bro Beedle remained a member of the Lodge for 16 years until his death in 1930.

The Lodge was closed at 8.15pm when a plain supper was served.

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