Wyggeston Lodge holds its annual Ladies Festival

The Master, WBro Jamie and his wife Sam, hosted the annual Ladies’ Festival at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester on Saturday 31st January 2015.

The Master and his wife at the Wyggeston Lodge Ladies' Festival 2015
The Master and his wife at the Wyggeston Lodge Ladies’ Festival 2015

Brethren, family and friends gathered to celebrate the occasion which, as always, was a wonderful evening full of friendship, laughter and entertainment.

After the delicious four-course dinner, WBro Tom Bodycot proposed the toast to the Ladies with a very amusing comparison of the differences between men and women. Bro Peter Clarke, accompanied by the other Brethren and Gentlemen, serenaded the Ladies with the ‘Ladies Song’ before Sam replied on behalf of all the Ladies with grateful thanks.

The evening continued late into the night with dancing to music provided by the excellent ‘Fabulous 55s‘ an authentic 1950s Rock and Roll band with double bass, drums and electric guitar.

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