Saint Crispin Lodge assists Wyggeston Lodge with Passing two University student members

Saint Crispin Lodge No.7832 kindly assisted the Wyggeston Lodge No.3448 with progressing their university student members by conducting a Double Passing Ceremony on their behalf at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester on Monday 23rd February 2015.

Bros. Tom Grant and Ian Player, who joined the Wyggeston Lodge via the Universities’ Scheme when studying at Leicester University, proved excellent Candidates for the ceremony in Passing them to the Degree of a Fellowcraft.

The Ceremonial work was of a very high standard and the Candidates were treated to an extended version of both the Tracing Board and Working Tools.

Several members of the Wyggeston Lodge also attended to support Bros. Tom and Ian on their Passing to the Second Degree and all very much enjoyed the Festive Board afterwards.

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