‘Inside The Freemasons’ TV documentary features Wyggeston Lodge members

The new five-part observational documentary series on Sky 1 ‘Inside the Freemasons’, which starts on Monday 17th April at 8pm features several members from the Wyggeston Lodge No.3448 which meets in Leicester.

_DSC4402 - Version 2 (1)
Andy Green, Peter Kinder and Dipak Chauhan who feature in the ‘Inside The Freemasons’ Sky 1 TV Documentary

The highly-anticipated observational documentary, entitled ‘Inside The Freemasons’ promises to go beyond the myth and legend to explore the real people, practices and inner-workings of the well-known, but little-understood, ancient fraternal order with roots stretching back to the medieval stone masons. From the regalia to the grand ceremonies, ancient rituals and the unbreakable bonds of brotherhood, viewers will discover what it really means to be a modern-day Freemason.

Filmed across several months in 2016, the documentary follows individual Freemasons from Entered Apprentices to Rulers, exploring the history, symbolism and the modern relevance of the organisation, including its role as one of the biggest charitable contributors in the UK.

As part of the filming, several Freemasons from the Wyggeston Lodge are included in this groundbreaking documentary.

W.Bro. Andy Green features in the final episode which focuses on the future of Freemasonry. Andy became a Freemason 17 years ago at the age of 27 via a recommendation from a university friend.

Andy said: “Freemasonry has given me an enormous amount of pleasure and satisfaction and has also offered me confidence, transferable skills and so many genuine friends.”

Talking about his involvement in the documentary he said: “I’m incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about Masonry and have relished the opportunity to be part of a unique documentary series helping to dispel the myths that have surrounded Freemasonry for many years. I also very much care about the future of Freemasonry and helping to ensure that generations to come are able to enjoy it as much as I do.”

During his time as a Mason he has made close friends who have assisted him through tough times and poor health.

Other Wyggeston Lodge members featuring in the series talking about Freemasonry include W.Bro. Dipak Chauhan who joined in 2004 and was attracted with the ability to be involved with charitable work, help with developing personal skills and a fascination with how it translates across religions.

He said: “I hope the documentary will open up the mysticism and myths and to show that Freemasons do some seminal charitable work for good causes.”

V.W.Bro. Peter Kinder who is the Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Leicestershire and Rutland is an Honorary Member of  the Wyggeston Lodge.

Peter, a local businessman, was initiated in 1973. He said: “Freemasonry is a wonderful organisation of like-minded men and has taught me the values of being a disciplined individual and a responsible member of society.”

Peter got involved with the TV Documentary after being invited to take part after he met the film crew on location: “I felt that the making of this documentary was a wonderful opportunity to ‘open our doors’ to the public.” He continued: “I hope it will show that our members are responsible, charitable and upstanding and that we contribute greatly to all aspects that community.”

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