107th Master of Wyggeston Lodge is Installed

At the meeting of Wyggeston Lodge in November, held at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, Bro. Paul Marvin was Installed as the 107th Master of the Lodge.

Bro. Paul was Initiated in Wyggeston Lodge during 2009 and has steadily progressed through the Offices of the Lodge. In October, he was elected by the Brethren to become Master for the ensuing year.

After being Installed into the Master’s Chair, the Master was extremely pleased to invest the first Universities Scheme Initiate, Bro. Alex Pohl, as his Junior Warden, along with Bro. John Harvey as his Senior Warden. Other Scheme Initiates were also invested as Deacons, Inner Guard and Stewards.

The Master, Paul Marvin (centre) with his Senior Warden John Harvey (left) and Junior Warden Alex Pohl (right)

The Lodge was honoured to give a warm welcome to the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Peter Kinder, as the Provincial Representative who kindly presented the warrant of the lodge to the newly installed Master.

At the Festive Board, Bro. Peter Clarke gave a rousing rendition of the Master’s Song with the help of the Wardens and the Brethren. He also kindly provided a jeroboam of vintage port for the Brethren to enjoy with their cheese and biscuits.

Peter Clarke (right) presents a bottle of port to the Stewards of the lodge

In a new initiative, the Master’s wife, Kim, was joined by several other wives and partners of the Brethren for a meal in Leicester during the same evening. They all then returned to  Freemasons’ Hall for a drink to celebrate with the Brethren after the Festive Board.

The Wyggeston wives/partners enjoy a meal in Leicester


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