Universities’ Scheme Initiate joins the Royal Arch

At the Regular Convocation of Morley Chapter No.8320 held on Friday 10th October 2014 at Freemasons’ Hall Leicester, Bro. Alex Pohl, a member of Wyggeston Lodge No.3448, was Exalted into the Chapter as part of a Double Exaltation.

Alex Pohl, a student at Leicester University, is the first United Grand Lodge of England Universities’ Scheme Initiate in the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland to join the Royal Arch and it is anticipated that many more will follow in the future taking the next step in Freemasonry to complete their pure Ancient Masonic knowledge and experience.

WBro Andy Green, who is the Universities’ Scheme Chairman for the Wyggeston Lodge, was extremely proud to preside over the Morley Chapter as First Principal and have the opportunity to Exalt Bro Alex into the Royal Arch.

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