Wyggeston Lodge Go Karting Championship

The Wyggeston Lodge of Freemasons held it’s inaugural Go Karting Championship on Saturday 9th May 2015.

Some 14 brethren, partners, family and friends arrived at the indoor circuit at Wymeswold Airfield, Leicestershire, ready and excited to participate in some all action motor racing.

A nice indoor circuit, 400m in length with a raised cross over at one end, we had both left and right turns to cope with, including some hairpins, which all sounds very easy and innocent until you realise that karts don’t have power steering and healthy biceps are useful for turning the wheel. Apparently a good lap time is 24 seconds………..

The crew at FIK Karting decided that we would be best handled in two groups of half hour solid racing per group, with the fastest lap time determining the winner.

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After much hilarity trying to find racing overalls to fit we sat through the safety briefing to ensure we understood the do’s and don’ts of go-karting, racing lines and all that technical stuff. With the final briefing out of the way, we were onwards to the race helmet selection and into our groups ready to race. We all had black race helmets which all seemed normal, apart from one amongst us who had brought his own white helmet. Had The Stig from Top Gear lost his way and ended up in the wilds of Wymeswold? Apparently not, it turned out to be no-other than Bro. Paul Marvin – clearly one to watch on the track (Is Paul The Stig of Wyggeston Lodge? – read on).

Racing for the first group got underway, most of the drivers being a little cautious at the beginning, before getting into a groove, some definitely faster than others – mostly the lighter weight ones amongst us. Gradually confidence overcame the driving skills, and we certainly kept the F1K karting marshals busy putting on the yellow warning lights, waving yellow flags and disentangling the various collisions. The half hour racing passed by far quicker than it seemed, although a few of us were glad when it ended after having such a work out with the arms.

The second group had a similar experience to the first group, cautious at the start before the action really started – definitely more than one collision, and the yellow flags in action more than once.

It had been noticed that a lot of overtaking had been done by some more than others – a few blaming lack of speed on the extra ballast accumulated from many excellent festive boards.

With the results in:

Position Name Best Lap
1 Paul Marvin 0:24:002
2 Brett (friend of WM) 0:24:087
3 Alec Maxfield 0:24:597
4 William Jones 0:24:600
5 Jamie Mollart (WM) 0:24:984
6 Ian Player 0:25:043
7 Toni Evans 0:25:289
8 Oliver Oldfield 0:25:437
9 Paul Bodycot 0:25:571
10 Tom Bodycot 0:25:894
11 Simon Oldfield 0:26:089
12 Robert Jones 0:26:249
13 Samantha Mollart 0:26:283
14 Dick Sutton 0:27:587

The winner turned out to be none other than the Wyggeston Stig – Bro Paul Marvin, who celebrated in the usual manner amongst racing champions with some obligatory fizz.

Bro Ian Player recorded his efforts with his onboard camera

If enough are interested we will have to consider making this an annual event.

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