Wyggeston Lodge goes Clay Shooting – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

On Saturday 5th September 2015, members of the Wyggeston Lodge of Freemasons, along with their family and friends, went along to Kibworth Shooting Ground, Leicestershire for a morning of clay shooting.

After a short safety brief, an introduction to shooting including stance, gun mounting as well as the all-important safe handling of the gun was covered by the instructors. It was then straight into shooting 25 clays in four different traps including left to right, right to left and rabbit.

Whilst many hadn’t shot before, plenty of clays were successfully hit although some faired better than others:

The Good – After all clays were shot, the results were calculated and it was announced that James Marvin, son of Senior Deacon Bro. Paul Marvin, managed to hit the most clay with an impressive 22/25 clays. Lodge Chaplain, W.Bro. Simon Oldfield and the son of a forthcoming Initiate, Martin Morris, came joint second with 18/25 clays. The top lady was Sue, wife of Secretary W.Bro. Andy Green. All winners were presented with prizes and took their rightful place on the podium.

The Bad and the Ugly – Master of the Lodge, W.Bro. Jamie Mollart, had a less than successful day and ended up with the lowest score out all of those attending managing to hit only 3 clays.

The full results were:

Position Name Hits
1 James Marvin 22/25
2= Simon Oldfield 18/25
2= Martin Morris 18/25
3= James Riley 17/25
3= Sunnay Chauhan 17/25
3= Paul Bodycot 17/25
4 Andy Green 16/25
5 Rob Morris 15/25
6 Tom Bodycot 14/25
7 Oliver Oldfield 12/25
8 Dipak Chauhan 11/25
9= Sachin Patel 10/25
9= Lehan Edirisinghe 10/25
10= Yogesh Patel 9/25
10= Sue Green 9/25
11= Sam Mollart 8/25
11= Paul Marvin 8/25
11= Lyn Bodycot 8/25
12= Ben Oldfield 5/25
12= Kim Marvin 5/25
13 Jamie Mollart (WM) 3/25

After the celebration, the shooters all took the short trip to Boboli Pizzeria & Restaurant in Kibworth Harcourt for an Italian lunch and a well deserved drink.

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Our thanks go to the Kibworth Shooting Ground and their Instructors for holding a superb event.

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