Leicester University students progress in their Masonic journey

An Emergency Meeting of Wyggeston Lodge, which meets at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, was held on Friday 18th September 2015 to Pass three of its student members to the degree of a Fellowcraft.

Bros. Simon Walmsley, Adam Tilley and James Kelly who are all University of Leicester students joined the Lodge in February 2015 through the Universities Scheme which aims to establish and/or enhance arrangements and opportunities for undergraduates and other university members to enjoy Freemasonry. The Wyggeston Lodge joined the Scheme in April 2011 and has since seen a large number of students join the Lodge. As a result, the Lodge has regularly conducted multiple ceremonies and held additional meetings to ensure that the members are timely progressed through to the degree of a Master Mason.

The Passing Ceremony was a showcase of younger Freemasons in the Lodge undertaking parts of work with Bro Peter Clarke standing in as Inner Guard and also delivering the Working Tools, along with Bro Chris Kent acting as an Assistant Deacon, and finally Bro Alec Maxfield who gave a word perfect explanation of the Second Degree Tracing Board in its extended form. The Candidates were also excellent and answered the questions put to them in a superb and confident fashion.

Once again, the younger members were involved in the proceedings at the Festive Board with Bro Chris Panteli giving the toast to Absent Brethren and Bro John Phillips giving the toast to our visitors taking about how he had recently visited another lodge for the first time – the Magna Carta Lodge No. 8017 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk which was his late Grandfather’s Lodge. The Lodge was very pleased to welcome WBro Gerry Kelly, father of Bro James Kelly, who had driven up from Kent to support his son on this special occasion.

A total of £113 was raised for the Master’s charity, the Harley Staples Cancer Trust.

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