AMULL generously aids University student member to study return

Bro Mike Perrin, a Freemason and member of the Wyggeston Lodge meeting in Leicester, was diagnosed with recurrent colonic cancer in January 2015 during his first year of studying for a MPhil in Archaeology at the University of Oxford.

This was obviously devastating news to receive and he immediately sought to personally pay for his treatment in Japan where he is a part-time teacher. He underwent successful resection surgery but was unable to continue with his part time teaching work or his studies due to his 6 month convalescence period. Whilst the suspension of his studies was granted by the University for three terms, not being able to work has sadly left Bro Mike in financial hardship and unable to complete his studies.

When the Wyggeston Lodge joined the United Grand Lodge of England Universities Scheme it was keen to assist its’ student members in terms of any financial difficulties associated with their studies and therefore joined the Association of Medical, University and Legal Lodges (AMULL) as an Associate Lodge. One of AMULL’s key aims is to promote a bursary scheme to students of its’ Lodges. Through a relatively short period of time, AMULL kindly agreed to assist Bro Mike to the sum of £3,000 which will enable him to return to his studies at Oxford in January 2016.

At the recent AMULL Festival, held on 5th September 2015, which was hosted by the University of Chester Lodge No.7744 in Chester, the President of the Association, RWBro David Williamson Past Assistant Grand Master, who is also the President of the Universities Scheme, presented an offer letter to the Secretary of the Lodge, WBro Andy Green, on behalf of Bro Mike who currently remains in Japan. He said “Benevolence is a fundamental principle of Freemasonry and I’m delighted that AMULL have been able to assist our member Bro Mike in returning to his studies. I would like to thank all of the AMULL Committee, particularly W.Bro. Jeff Bennett, for all their help.”

WBro Andy Green receiving the grant award from RWBro David Williamson, AMULL President
WBro Andy Green receiving the grant award from RWBro David Williamson, AMULL President

Upon receiving the grant from AMULL, Bro Mike said “I wish I knew how to express the gratitude. I’ve started my Hilary Term reading list and hope to be ready to resume studies in January.”

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