Past Master of Wyggeston Lodge installs his brother into the Master’s chair 

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the Master of the Lodge was not able to attend the Installation meeting of Wyggeston Lodge No.3448 on Friday 20th November 2015 to install his successor. It was therefore agreed that WBro Thomas A Bodycot should have the pleasure of installing his younger brother, Bro Paul L Bodycot, into the Master’s chair.

The meeting was held in the Holmes Lodge Room, Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester where members of the Lodge, together with many visitors, witnessed an emotionally charged installation ceremony. The new Master, WBro Paul Boydcot was Initiated into the Wyggeston Lodge in 2006 after being Proposed by his older brother and has steadily progressed through the offices of the Lodge to the highest honour the Lodge can confer on any of its members. Amongst the guests was the Master’s nephew who had recently joined Freemasonry and is a member of Peace Lodge No.2269 meeting in the Province of West Lancashire.

Bro Peter Clarke with the bottle of Port
Bro Peter Clarke with the large bottle of Port

The celebrations continued at the Festive Board with a four course dinner including the now infamous mixed grill. Additionally, the cheese and biscuits was supplemented with an extremely large (4.5 litres) 20 year old bottle of port which was a kind gift of one of our Scheme Initiates, Bro Peter Clarke.

The Wyggeston Lodge also had on display the Universities Scheme Travelling Loving Cup, the DKW Cup, which was presented to the Lodge at the Universities Scheme Conference. However, no other Scheme Lodge was represented in sufficient numbers in order to claim the cup which will be available for claiming at the next meeting on 18th December 2015.

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