The Universities Scheme Loving Cup is claimed by Castle of Leicester Lodge

The Universities Scheme Loving Cup, was claimed for the very first time from the inaugural holders, the Wyggeston Lodge No.3448, by Castle of Leicester Lodge No.7767 at their meeting on Friday 18th December 2015.

The DKW Cup, named after the founding President of the Universities Scheme, RWBro David K Williamson PAGM PGStwd presented it to the Wyggeston Lodge at the Scheme Conference which was held in Leicester in November 2015. The initial idea for a Universities Scheme Travelling Loving Cup came from WBro Dr Andy Green, a member of the Wyggeston Lodge, to encourage visiting between Scheme Lodges.

The Ceremony of the Loving Cup, which is traditional with Livery Companies of the City of London, is said to date back to Saxon times before the Norman Conquest of 1066, and to derive from the assassination, by command of Elfrida, of King Edward the Martyr whilst drinking at Corfe Castle. The practice has been adopted by other associations, including some masonic lodges, and can be considered as an expression of sharing, coupled with mutual protection, reinforcing the ancient masonic bond we have with each other.

During the Festive Board the DKW Cup, filled with Champagne and bitters, was passed around the Brethren according to ancient procedures. Afterwards it was offered up for claiming by Scheme Lodge and despite several Scheme Lodges being represented, including Salisbury Union Lodge No.767 and Phoenix Lodge No.173, it was Castle of Leicester Lodge No.7767 who had the most number of members visiting with a total of nine Brethren. Regional Co-ordinator for the Scheme WBro Daniel Hayward PPSGD claimed the Cup behalf of the Lodge.

The Wyggeston Lodge are very proud to have been the very first holders of the DKW Cup and wishes it well on its journey around the Scheme Lodges.

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The next meeting of Castle of Leicester Lodge No. 7767 when the DKW Cup can be claimed by a Scheme Lodge is on Tuesday 9th February 2016 in Leicester.

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