Wyggeston Lodge welcomes two new members

At the Christmas meeting of the Wyggeston Lodge held on Friday 18th December 2015 at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, two new members were welcomed to the Lodge and the Ancient Fraternity.

Bro Edirisinghe, a 22 year old student at the University of Leicester originally enquired about joining the Freemasons back in March 2015 after visiting the Lodge website. The Wyggeston Lodge is the Universities Scheme Lodge for University of Leicester staff, students and alumni.

Lehan was inspired to become a Mason as his Uncle is already a Freemason in his native Sri Lanka. He said: “I want to better serve the people around me and to build my character. I feel that being a part of Freemasonry best achieves these goals.”

As part of a Double Initiation, Bro Edirisinghe was Initiated alongside Bro Jennings who works for the local Council who was proposed by one of the existing members of the Lodge. The Master of the Lodge, WBro Paul Bodycot, was assisted in the Ceremony by several members of the Lodge including some of the junior Brethren who have recently joined themselves.

The Lodge was very pleased to welcome the Master and other members of it’s Daughter Lodge, the Lodge of Welcome No.5664 together with members of Universities Scheme Lodges, Castle of Leicester No.7767 and Salisbury Union Lodge No.767. The Lodge also warmly welcomed the Secretary of the Universities Scheme, WBro Oliver Coddington, a member of Phoenix Lodge No.173.

After the Ceremony, the Christmas Festive Board, which consisted of traditional fare, was a very enjoyable and fun occasion where the two new Brethren were keen to assist in parading the Christmas Pudding whilst those present sang ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’.

Also at the meeting, the Universities Scheme Travelling Loving Cup was claimed by the members of the Castle of Leicester Lodge No.7767. Read more here.

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