Joint Universities Scheme Meeting

Once again, members of three Universities Scheme Lodges in the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland – Wyggeston Lodge No.3448, of the University of Leicester, Castle of Leicester No,7767 (De Montfort University) and the Lodge of Science and Art No,8429 (Loughborough University) – met once again for a joint meeting to celebrate the continuing success of the Universities Scheme in the province.
Nearly two years since the last one on 25th February 2017, this meeting took place at Loughborough Masonic Hall on Saturday 18th May and attended by over 90 brethren who were witness to 3 wonderful ceremonies (an initiation, a Passing, and a Raising) with a solid number of hardworking and determined candidates conducted by each of the lodges.
The Lodges and the province were also extremely honoured to welcome the Assistant Grand Master, R.W.Bro Sir David Wooton, along with the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro David Hagger, brethren representing other scheme lodges and other visitor were also present.
The meeting was opened by the Master of Castle Lodge at 2:30pm, the Master of the Castle of Leicester Lodge, alongside other members of the lodge then proceeded to conduct a double Raising. Following a short tea break, it was the turn of the brethren of Wyggeston Lodge who then proceeded to conduct a quadruple passing. Finally, after a further tea break, the Lodge of Science of Art conducted an Initiation ceremony of an extra two new candidates who were both warmly welcomed by the brethren,
The meeting wad followed, as ever, by a wonderful Festive Board where the lodges enjoyed a hearty three course dinner with the company of guests and visitors. A bag of local Leicestershire delicacies, including some cheese and local beer was also presented to Sir David Wooton. A raffle held in honour of the Masonic Charitable Foundation 2022 was also held which, as always, shows the huge charitable works of the province.
W Bro, Dr Andy Green, organiser of the event commented on the flowing success of the three lodge meeting and how it is a testament to the growing success of the Universities Scheme, with more and more young people becoming interested in Freemasonry everyday.

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