Joint Universities Scheme Meeting Takes Place Once Again

After a nearly three year hiatus, members of three Universities Scheme Lodges in the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland – Wyggeston Lodge No.3448,(University of Leicester), Castle of Leicester No,7767 (De Montfort University) and the Lodge of Science and Art No,8429 (Loughborough University) – were so pleased to meet once again for a joint meeting to celebrate the ever growing success and popularity of the Universities Scheme in the province which welcomes university students who wish to join. 

Since the last joint meeting at Loughborough Masonic Hall on 25th February 2019?, this year met at the beautifulFreemasons’ Hall in Leicester. The event was attended by over 80 members who were witness to 3 wonderful ceremonies (an initiation, a Passing, and a Raising) conducted by each of the lodges with a fantastic bunch of hardworking and determined candidates.

The Lodges and the province were also once again extremely honoured to welcome the Assistant Grand Master and President of the Universities Scheme, Sir David Wootton, along with the Provincial Grand Master, PeterKinder, and visitors representing other scheme lodges including Bedfordshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire, and Lincolnshire.

The meeting was opened by the acting Master of the Wyggeston Lodge, Andy Green, Assistant Provincial Grand Master. 

The acting Master of the Lodge of Science and Art, Peter Legg, then took the chair to perform a double Raising. Following some light refreshments, it was the turn of the Master, Nigel Johnson, and brethren of Castle of Leicester Lodge who then proceeded to conduct a double Passing. Finally, after a further tea break, the Wyggeston Lodge conducted an Initiation ceremony of a new member, a 25 year old recent dentist graduate, who was warmly welcomed by all.

The meeting was followed, as ever, by a wonderful Festive Board where the lodges enjoyed a hearty three course dinner with the company of guests and visitors. A bottle of Burleighs Leicester Tigers Gin was presented to the Assistant Grand Master who said he was delighted to attend and that it was a good time to be a Freemason which received a wonderful ovation.

Elliot Conway said: “It was a truly wonderful day and it showed us how far the universities scheme has come and that it truly has a bright future ahead!”

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