Wyggeston Lodge takes part in Universities UK relay walking challenge

On Thursday 5th August, W.Bro Andy Green of the Wyggeston Lodge, Chris Butlin and Paul Godwin of the Lodge of Science and Art, took part in the 2021 Universities Scheme challenge.

The walk began when Andy Green collected the DKW Cup from the Nottinghamshire Freemasons and then began at Loughborough Masonic Hall. Though the weather proved to be a challenge for part of the day, no one was deterred and the walk continues along the old A6 and Grand Union Canal, with plenty of breaks along the way.

The members then finally reached Leicester Masonic Hall on London Road and handed the DKW cup to the Northamptonshire Freemasons so it could continue its journey as part of the challenge.

A huge congratulations and well done to all those who took part in this incredible challenge.

The walkers making to Leicester Masonic Hall following a long walk.

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