Wyggeston Lodge embraces virtual meetings during pandemic

Even during these strange and unprecented times, the strong feeling of brotherfood within Freemasonry never ceases to fade or falter; nor does it deter brethren from coming together in strange ways.

Starting out on the 20th March, which would have been the night of the regular meeting of the Wyggeston Lodge, the members of the Wyggeston Lodge took to WhatsApp to raise a glass to Absent Brethren. Each me


mber sending a selfie to the WhatsApp group of themselves raising a glass at 9 o’clock in solidarity with one another as we would have done had times not been so strange.

This this slowly formed into part of a bigger trend amongst other brethen and lodges of the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland, as well as other provinces throughout the UK, to come together each week on a Saturday evening at 9 o’clock to raise a glass to absent brethren and to those heros helping to keep us all safe. This was given the hashtag: #TimeToToast and many masons, including the MW Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes, regularly take an active part.

Thanks to the use of social media and applications such as Zoom, the brethren of the Wyggeston Lodge have been able to come together on an near weekly basis to catch up, have a laugh, and raise a glass in solidarity to one another.

These are strange times and it is a shame that all Masonic activies have been suspended, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep in touch and keep doing what Freemasons do best – helping and supporting one another.

Happy have we met, happy may we part, and happy may we meet again.

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