Members of Wyggeston Lodge make annual trip to Royal Yorkshire Lodge

On Tuesday 4th February 2020, the brethren of Wyggeston Lodge No.3448 took their annual trip up to Yorkshire to visit the Royal Yorkshire Lodge No.265 in Keighley, Yorkshire.Bro Peter Clarke, who joined the Wyggeston Lodge as part of the Universities Scheme whilst at the University of Leicester and who is now the Junior Warden of the Wyggeston lodge, joined the Royal Yorkshire Lodge after his graduation and is now the newly elected treasurer of Royal Yorkshire lodge!The main business of the evening was the installation of the new Worshipful Master, Bro Mark Exley, and to celebrate the festival of St John the Evangelist (The Patron Saint of Freemasonry). Being one of the oldest lodges, having been founded in 1788, the Royal Yorkshire has always had its own unique approach, much to the delight of the visiting guests and brethren!The Brethren all enjoyed an excellent ceremony and an even better festive board where the wine continued to flow and the laughter became ever more contagious. Finally, the brethren were once again treated to a rousing rendition of the Master’s Song by Bro Peter Clarke, who always likes to put on a show. All in all, it was a wonderful occasion that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.